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Sketching, drawing and painting tours with Daniel Reeve

Daniel has teamed up with Red Carpet Tours to offer art tuition and demonstrations at beautiful New Zealand locations. In October 2008 and in April 2010 Daniel accompanied the standard Lord Of The Rings tour, painting, drawing, demonstrating and teaching throughout the journey. Art tuition was the primary focus of the Northern Escape Tour in October 2010, though of course the beauty of the Far North was stunning and satifying with or without sketching. Next up, in November 2016, will be a Sketching and Photography special tour of filming sites from both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Have pencils, brushes and lenses ready, though of course the tour will be compelling and rewarding even for those who just want to relax and immerse themselves in this south Pacific paradise.

Sketching Tour November 2016

November 2016: The Hobbit and LOTR filming sites


Sketching Tour October 2010

October 2010: Northern Escape Artists Tour


Sketching Tour April 2010

April 2010: The Lord of the Rings filming sites


Sketching Tour October 2008

October 2008: The Lord of the Rings filming sites