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An exact reproduction of Daniel's original calligraphic artwork "Elements"

Elements calligraphic artwork by Daniel Reeve

Elements detail

"Elements" detail

Letter Arts Review

Featured in Letter Arts Review

Daniel Reeve's calligraphic artwork "Elements".

The ancient elements set against the modern, scientific ones.

The original idea for this piece was simply to write the four ancient elements amid a circularly graduated wash. A trial showed that the circular gradation idea was right, but a painted wash was the wrong way to do it. Then came the flash of inspiration: create the circular gradation effect with words! What words? The Periodic Table, of course. As the atomic weights of the elements increase, so does the weight and blackness of the calligraphy.

Elements was featured in Letter Arts Review, the Annual Juried Issue 2016 - in fact, it made it onto the front cover. (Letter Arts Review is the world's pre-eminent calligraphy publication, and the Annual Juried Issue is a showcase of the best calligraphy that year. Entries come from around the world, and about 70 pieces are selected from the 400 or so submitted.)

The prints of "Elements" are the same dimensions as the original (49 x 44cm), and are on high-quality watercolour paper. Prints are delivered in sturdy mailing tubes.

Elements, calligraphic artwork reproduction, incl. packaging and postage, $100 USD: